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Save Your 4-Legged Friends

Great job, everybody!
Because of you, many dogs and cats like Anna, a two-year-old dog born with a congenital heart defect that could have resulted in her death. Two-thirds of dogs with Anna’s condition die before they turn one, but Anna made it to APA! and through a life-altering surgery. Donations like yours helped APA! provide Anna that surgery, and now she is a playful dog with the spirit of a puppy and a bright future ahead of her.

Your donation helps eliminate the needless killing of thousands of companion animals  like Anna each year. 


Keep Austin Pets Alive!

For every $100 raised for Austin Pets Alive will provide medical care for an animal rescued from the city kill shelter.

They provide medical services to these rescued animals including: spay/neuter, deworming, micro chip and vaccinations.











Around 85% of animals saved from the city’s euthanasia list are hurt or sick, to various degrees. Austin Pets Alive has saved over 95% of the seriously ill or injured pets that they receive.

Stephen Frederick Agency wants to help to provide animals with medical care to be healthy and adoptable.  Our agency has a goal to raise $500 to save 5 animals and provide them with the care they need.


You can save the lives of pets in Austin and prevent their shortened life.

Stephen Frederick

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