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Long Term Care Insurance Policies

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Long term care insurance is designed to help people who fall ill due to age and illness find it necessary to move a facility that specializes in this area, normally called a nursing home.


Planning for long term care is important because Medicare does not pay any of the costs of living in a long-term care facility. It will pay for doctors’ visits, medications and possibly some other things. Medicaid in some states will pay for such coverage, but there are limitations and organizations that do not accept Medicaid payments.


Therefore, having this type of care insurance could be called “assuring a place to live insurance.” Most major insurance companies offer this long term insurance coverage. Some offer only a flat rate per day. Others, for an extra fee, will adjust the payment for inflation purposes. Some have a waiting period, while you are in the nursing home before they begin to pay. 


The long term care insurance does not guarantee that the monthly payments will cover the entire cost of the nursing home stay. Therefore, you may have to use part of any investments or Social Security funds that are available. Depending on how long your stay in the nursing home is, your family may need to provide assistance.


There are several benefits for residing in a long-term care facility. No one wants to leave their home, but sometimes, circumstances make it necessary. Depending on the facility you choose, you may have a private or semi-private room. Some facilities allow you to bring a limited amount of furniture and other items. 


Staying protected is vital. To ensure you and your families protection, contact one of our agents to learn more today.


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