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Help Blind Kids in TX Play Sports!

Each year about 700 students attend Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired, where many opportunities beyond the classroom are available to them, from bike riding to drama programs and prom.


The students attending school in their local districts don’t have the same chances to participate in sports and recreation and learn the usual social skills acquired by sighted children. To help close that ‘opportunity gap,’ the school facilitated the creation of All Blind Children of Texas Sports Extravaganza. Now, blind and visually impaired children can play sports.


We are raising funds to support families with transportation costs so they can attend the Sports Extravaganza.


Goal: Provide $600 in scholarships to 4 kids and their families

Our agency will donate $10+ on your behalf!

For every friend you recommend to our agency for a quote, we'll donate $10 to help more Texas blind children take part in sports.

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