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Lets face it. Accidents happen.  Accident insurance offers protection. It covers those extra expenses that your healthcare insurance does not. For instance, it can cover the cost of your deductible, transportation and lodging. It also helps cover the cost of missed workdays due to your accident. 


There are no age or other limits for an accident policy because accidents truly happen to people of all ages and backgrounds. No one can ever definitely say that an accident will never happen to them. The only difference in accident policies is the amount covered. You can purchase small policies or large ones that will cover you no matter what happens. 


One factor to consider when choosing an accident policy is who depends on your income if you are out of work temporarily. If you are single person, you might want a smaller policy. If you have a spouse or children that depend on your income, then you will want to make sure they are covered with a more extensive policy. 


Accident insurance does not pay out if you die. There are other types of insurances for those types of events. An accident policy can compensate you to help cover other expenses related to your accident or injury. It does not replace health care insurance. 


The biggest reason people purchase accident policies is to replace lost income. If you are injured and unable to work, you need income to get you by. This policy will help cover the gap until you have recovered enough to go back to work. 


After the accident, simply mail a claim to your insurance company. Depending on the type of injury, length of hospital stay and loss workdays, you will be compensated. Learn more on how you can get protected.



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